Dyslexia and Visual Stress
Visual stress can range from blurred letters or words, letters which move, headaches or difficulty with tracking across the page. It is a common difficulty amongst those with dyslexia. Thankfully, there are tools that can help reduce this difficulty and in turn, can help with reading, and a lot of these are extremely low cost!

Many people with dyslexia can be sensitive when it comes to reading off of a white background. Simply changing the background color can make such a difference. Pukka Pads have released a range of lined notebooks (available to purchase in a single pack or 6 pack) which are specifically designed for people who struggle writing on bright white paper. They come in a range of six Irlen Institute colors: Gold, Green, Lavender, Parrot, Rose, and Turquoise.

Other tools that help with reading off of a white background include colored overlays. These are tinted plastic pages or rulers (available in a range of colors and sizes) which are placed over text to help reduce the glare and make the text easier to read. Some people can benefit from these greatly and our value multi-packs are a great way to find the right color to help you. These include 10 Irlen Coloured Overlays.

We also stock Eye Lighter Reading Rulers in 4 colors which are a great alternative to full A4 colored overlays. These reading rulers are small, discrete and will fit inside a child’s pencil case for use in the classroom. Like overlays, these can be placed over text to help make it easier to read. However, these can also be used to help with tracking across the page – due to the small size, it prevents readers from losing their place.