Franklin DMQ 570 Pocket Collins Dictionary


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The DMQ-570 electronic Dictionary 2nd Edition HarperCollins Publishers 2006, includes over 250,000 words, phrases, definitions and inflections. It also comes with a 500,000 synonym Thesaurus. This model features a stylish new case, with large clear keys and a magnetic lid with strong durable hinges.

The Collins English Dictionary is the most up-to-date and information packed dictionary available. With spelling, grammar and pronunciation help, this Dictionary gives you all the everyday words you need-at your fingertips.

Features include:

Dictionary: Over 250,000 words, phrases and definitions from the Collins Paperback Reference Dictionary
Thesaurus: Find over 500,000 synonyms and antonyms for your word. eg: Type excepshunel and find extraordinary, phenomenal. Also featured is Classmates®, a Franklin developed super Thesaurus that classifies words into groups. For example, the Classmates® for Fir are: box, cedar, cypress, eucalyptus, juniper, larch, laurel, pine, sequoia, spruce, yew, and balsam to name but a few.
Phonetic Spell Correction: type excepshunel and find exceptional
Word Builder: Features the return of this popular solver: enter up to 13 letters and it will return as many possible solutions starting with the longest word first. Great for all kinds of popular word games.
Crossword Solver: Type ? to find missing letters to help with crosswords
Anagram Solver: Turn a series of letters into a word
My List: Create your own list of words to study
Confusables: Identifies commonly confused words. Find out when to use oral: verbal or aural: auditory
Databank: Stores 100 names and numbers
Calculator: 10 digits
Converters: Metric, Imperial and Currency Converters
Time and Date: Local and world time function for 45 ci


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